Kore Zinc

120 caps - 120 serv - 50mg

Zinc is a critically important mineral for overall health and well-being; supporting immune function and playing an essential role in the formation of joint tissue, skin and collagen. Zinc is also vital for overall growth and development, as well as participating in numerous enzymatic functions, including those involved in carbohydrate and protein metabolism.*

Kore benefits

  • Immune system support*
  • Supports enzyme functions*
  • Essential to healthy growth and development *

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immune support

Immune Support

joint health

Joint Health

skin health

Healthy Skin



Traditional zinc can be difficult to absorb, therefore Kore Zinc uses zinc gluconate to help facilitate absorption of the vital mineral. Better absorption for better results.*

Zinc is an essential mineral that is involved in numerous functions throughout the body. In fact, healthy growth and development cannot happen without it. Enzymatic reactions, cellular signaling, normal organ function, skeletal and joint formation, and even DNA synthesis all rely on zinc*. Often paired with vitamin C, zinc is usually the main ingredient in seasonal immunity support formulas.

Meat, like beef, lamb, and pork all are reliable sources of zinc. Nuts, legumes, seeds, dairy products and eggs, are other notable places to find dietary sources of zinc. Unfortunately, in general, fruits and vegetables are not great sources of this all-star mineral, leaving vegans, vegetarians and other plant-forward diets in jeopardy of needing supplemental zinc.