Kore Immune Boost

90 caps - 30 serv

Kore Immune Boost is packed with nutrients to help strengthen your immune system and build up your body’s natural defenses.* A combination of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Elderberry and Zinc make Kore Immune Boost a powerful way to support overall health and well-being.* Plus, a unique probiotic strain, Bifidobacterium lactis (Bl-04®), encourages a healthy digestive system, one of the body’s first lines of defense.*

Kore benefits

  • Supports the immune system with vitamins C, B6, D, E & Zinc*
  • Includes probiotics to promote a healthy immune response*
  • With elderberry extract

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10% of all proceeds of the Immune Boost product are donated back to 1st responder organizations


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Immune Support

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Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin and is widely-known as an immune boosting nutrient for its role in production of white blood cells (lymphocytes and phagocytes) which help protect the body against infection.* Vitamin C is also critical for health and wellness as it acts as antioxidant to fight off free radicals and to regenerate Vitamin E and may also be linked to cardiovascular health by naturally promoting nitric oxide (NO) production and vasodilation.*

Vitamin D

Also called the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D has been shown to play a role in facilitating a healthy immune response, as well as supporting mood, cognition, and healthy cardiovascular function.* Vitamin D also plays a central role in bone health by facilitating the absorption and metabolism of critical dietary minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphate and zinc.* Optimal Vitamin D levels are associated with strong bone density.*

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is vital in maintaining health and is involved in healthy immune system function. Known for its antioxidant activity, which is the process of quenching damaging free radicals, this fat-soluble nutrient supports cellular and vascular health.*

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is involved in immune function as it promotes normal production of lymphocyte (white blood cell type) and interleukin-2, a signaling molecule in the immune system.* Vitamin B6 is also a co-factor involved in an array of biological processes, and functions, acting as a catalyst in over 100 enzymes, including those involved neurotransmitter function and energy metabolism.*


Recognized for centuries as an herbal to help maintain health and well-being, Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) is a dark berry prized for its free radical scavenging vitamin C and anthocyanins, rich pigment molecules with antioxidant properties.*

Bifidobacterium lactis (Bl-04®)

A large portion of the immune system resides in our digestive tracts, making it the first line of defense in the fight to keep our bodies healthy. Research on supplementing with friendly bacteria, Bifidobacterium lactis, may help maintain a healthy respiratory function and promote a healthy immune response.*


The body requires Zinc to naturally produce and activate T-lymphocytes (T cells), a type of white blood cell. Often paired with vitamin C, zinc is usually the main ingredient in seasonal immunity support formulas. Zinc is an essential mineral that is involved in numerous functions throughout the body. In fact, healthy growth and development cannot happen without it. Enzymatic reactions, cellular signaling, normal organ function, skeletal and joint formation, and even DNA synthesis all rely on zinc.*

Meat, like beef, lamb, and pork all are reliable sources of zinc. Nuts, legumes, seeds, dairy products and eggs, are other notable places to find dietary sources of zinc. Unfortunately, in general, fruits and vegetables are not great sources of this all-star mineral, leaving vegans, vegetarians and other plant-forward diets in jeopardy of needing supplemental zinc.