Kore Vitamin D3 gummies

90 count - 45 serv

Kore Vitamin D3 Gummies are a convenient, tasty way to get 250% of the daily value of this critically important vitamin. Research shows Vitamin D3 to be more effective than D2, as it is more readily absorbed by the body. Take Vitamin D3 Gummies to support healthy immune function, bone health, and overall cardiovascular wellness.*

Kore benefits

  • Immune system support*
  • Promotes bone health*
  • Support for cardiovascular health *

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bone health

Bone Health

heart health

Heart Health

immune support

Immune Support


Vitamin D

Also called the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D plays a central role in bone health by facilitating the absorption and metabolism of critical dietary minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphate and zinc.* Optimal Vitamin D levels are associated with strong bone density. Vitamin D has also been shown to play a role in mood and cognition as well as supporting healthy immune and cardiovascular functions.*

Vitamin D is found in dietary sources like fish and eggs, and in fortified foods like dairy products. UV exposure is a major source of this essential nutrient; however, people living in non-equatorial portions of the globe are not exposed to high enough UV indexes (3 or greater) for much of the year, thereby making supplementing with Vitamin D a good strategy to support optimal levels.