Kore Greens Superfood

30 serv

Ideally our diets would be rich in healthy, green whole foods and have 3 to 5 daily servings of fruits and vegetables, but our fast-paced lifestyles often make that difficult.

Kore Greens can help supplement gaps in your nutrition, when your daily intake goals fall short. Drink concentrated blend of green superfoods, nutrient-rich vegetables, dietary fiber and probiotics and plant enzymes to help round out your nutrition, support digestion, and help maintain overall health and vitality.*

Kore benefits

  • Contains probiotics, prebiotic fiber, & enzymes to support healthy digestion*
  • Contains powerful superfoods*
  • Includes 14 organic grasses, vegetables & fibers*

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Super Food

gut health

Gut Health

health and vitality

Health & Vitality



Kore Greens comes in a refreshing, natural apple flavor. With 30 servings per bottle, each with only 5g of carbs, 20 calories and zero sugar, Kore Greens is an excellent addition to a healthy lifestyle.* Combine Kore Greens with Kore Reds for a superfood cocktail.

Green foods and grasses, prized for their unique nutrition, are filled with micronutrients, amino acids, trace elements, and enzymes. In addition, these superfoods can help raise the pH in the body by alkalizing the highly acidic foods and beverages of the standard American diet.*